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Default Re: Your system is too SLOW to play this!

Originally Posted by leptogenesis View Post
Then what do you think is going on when I use the -nosound option? I actually just noticed something else. When I'm playing with -nosound, and the video freezes temporarily, it's actually my *entire desktop* that freezes, including the mouse. This reminds me of a similar behavior I saw a few weeks back while I was using virtualbox--essentially exactly the same thing happens, where the entire desktop froze for around a second, stopping everything including sound.
That sounds like a problem in a system driver, most likely the NVIDIA graphics driver.
In that case, I actually did try completely disabling pulseaudio, and the problem persisted. I can't guarantee the problems are related, but who knows.
I'd guess the system freeze causes an audio buffer underrun or something like that, and there's a PulseAudio bug that prevents audio playback from recovering after it.
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