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Default Re: GTX 480 (825/1100 MHZ) vs. HD 5870 (975/1300 MHz)

Originally Posted by azanon View Post
You have 297 posts, so I'm going to take it you've heard of "MikeC"; the guy posting updates on his GTX 480 right here in this forum. He's a forum mod/VIP here too if I'm not mistaken. Anyway, he's measuring 96C after 2 minutes of load.

Any questions?
He is measuring 96c after two minutes of Furmark with the auto fan profile. What's your point? When is the last time anyone running a high end Nvidia card used an auto fan profile?

Load up a 285 and run the same test and tell me what you get...

I've mentioned in previous posts, as have other people, that the default fan profile sucks and doesn't ramp up the fan until the card hits nearly 90c, and by that time there is no keeping it cool. A simple adjustment of the fan profile so that it ramps up equally with temps completely eliminates this.

Furmark caps out for me at 90c at 85% fan speed, which BTW is cooler than a 295 in the same test, and even 96c is about average for a 200 series card.

You guys pick what you want to and pretend that it's that way across the board. If you read my previous posts in these threads you'd see my results, haven't hit 80c in a GAME yet, and haven't gone above 77% fan speed. Explain to me how that's worse than Nvidia's last generation?
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