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Originally posted by jbirney
Mike good review.

Did you see any difference in Halo vrs the two? I have heard there were differences with the water. Keep in mind FX cards use mixed mode in halo. Just wondering as I don't have an FX myself. TY
Thanks. I'll be examing Halo in more detail and have fired off some questions to NVIDIA on the subject of mixed mode rendering.

So many things to do and not enough time I've been examining the quality of 8X AA under OGL, which looks nice and have found it to be usable.

I recorded a few in-game video clips from Call of Duty with 4X and 8X AA using FRAPS. I changed the cl_pitchspeed variable to 1 and panned upwards while facing a telephone pole. The video clearly shows the difference between 4X and 8X AA.
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