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Default Re: GTX 480 (825/1100 MHZ) vs. HD 5870 (975/1300 MHz)

Originally Posted by azanon View Post
You have 297 posts, so I'm going to take it you've heard of "MikeC"; the guy posting updates on his GTX 480 right here in this forum. He's a forum mod/VIP here too if I'm not mistaken. Anyway, he's measuring 96C after 2 minutes of load.

Any questions?
Yeah, but MikeC had a pre-release card if memory serves me right. The retail cards have had an updated Bios since then. Honestly, these cards don't run any hotter than my previous GTX280. Fan speed is also not any louder.

I ran Metro 2033 for over an hour on auto fan settings. Temps didn't go any higher than high 70's. I set up EVGA Precision and it logs the hottest temps that the card gets. Also the highest Fan speed was 66% and not audible at all. At least not over the CPU fans I have using a fan controller.
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