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Default when loging off Xorg takes 100% of one core of CPU

Server HW: SunFire X4170 (Solaris 10 10/09 u8)
on-board graphic ASPEED (default OS console). As primary graphic card works OK - no problem with Xorg when logingoff.
Graphic HW: QuadroFX 380 LP (195.36.15). Desirable primary graphic card.
The driver seems to be working OK until logging off. When pressing log-off button (jde, cde) Xorg takes 100% of one core of CPU and stops updating screen for certain period of time (from 10 second to X min, I waited max 10min). When screens updating stops for long time It is necessary to kill Xorg remotely, to get new login screen (tested cde and gdm). Regarding to stact of Xorg server, It looks like Xorg is a read loop (HDD led read led in on):

1675: /usr/X11/bin/Xorg :0 -depth 24 -nobanner -auth /var/dt/A:0-EaaGJc
fef2a715 _read (7, 80479b0, ff, feec4de6, 87e37b8, 840d0a0) + 15
080e858d xf86SigHandler (b, 0, 8047b90) + ed
fef275df __sighndlr (b, 0, 8047b90, 80e84a0) + f
fef1d2a0 call_user_handler (b, 0, 8047b90) + 22b
fef1d3ca sigacthandler (b, 0, 8047b90) + 65
--- called from signal handler with signal 11 (SIGSEGV) ---
feec5344 _free_unlocked (20, 9, ca663000, 8047db8, ca48a06d, 20) + 2a
feec5309 free (20, ca663000, 8047dc8, ca5cd3cd, 20, ca663000) + 28
ca48a06d _mesa_free (20, ca663000, 8047de8, ca5cabab, 20, feffb104) + 1d
ca5cd3cd XMesaDestroyVisual (20, feffb104, 1c8, fb88f000, 1, fbc018b0) + 1d
ca5cabab __glXMesaScreenDestroy (86cca10, fefcab34, fed102f8, 1c8, fbc018b0, 840fa20) + 3b
fb81df3a __glXResetScreens (86cd560, 821a000, 8047e48, 80b259c, 86cc978, 1) + 4a
fb81c71c ResetExtension (86cc978, 1, 8047e48, 821a000, 1, 1) + 1c
080b259c CloseDownExtensions (2, 0, 841b2b0, 8047e90, fee8b040, 8078ab0) + 2c
080b73eb main (7, 8047ed4, 8047ef4) + 4ab
0807aa70 _start (7, 8047f6c, 8047f7e, 8047f81, 8047f88, 8047f8b) + 80

I experienced the same bug on SunFire X4140 (Solaris 10 5/09 u7) on board VGA + FX380 LP(195.36.15)
I tested the same FX380 (195.36.15) on Sun Ultra24 WS (Solaris 10 5/09 u7)
with no problems. Ultra24 has no onboard VGA.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions.

I can provide remote access to OS Solaris system console and ILOM console, if it would help to troubleshoot the problem.
What shall I do to get support to solve the problem?
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