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Default GeforceFX5900Ultra+ArticSilver3=Heat?


I need some advice.I have a major issue with my geforceFX.Let me just say that it was running sweet, was running it at 550/1020, 39c Idle and 55c to 60c load. That was on the stock cooling. using Forceware52.16. i know they make the card run a little hotter, as do all the det drivers starting from 45.33.
Anyway, i thought lets slap some ArticSilver3 on that baby, and bring down the temp a little more, maybe get a few extra clicks on the core. Right? AS3 has always helped me out at bringing the temp like 3c or 5c down. So i took of the heat sinks, cleaned the core, and took of the thermal pads of the memory chips, and cleaned them as well untill they were shinning again. applied just enough AS3 on the core, and made it like 2 papers thin on the core. Did that aswell for the memory chips. Cleaned the fan and the heatsinks from any crease. Put them back on the card, installed my card back into my case, hooked on the external power connecter, and fired up my pc.
Now when i go to the temperture tab, it says 59c idle...I started op a game, and saw a unbelievible 95c the game whent loco aswell. Must be the heatsink not touching the core in all places right? Turned of my pc in a flash, and took they card out, it was mucho hot i can tell u. took everything apart again, thinking i did not apply enough AS3, as i did smurded it out very thin. So cleaned everything again, applied AS3 again. Did it perfect, just like the site says it has to be done. and like i always did it anyhow. Attached the sinks again, checked under a light for any space between the core and the heat sink, there was none, and fired it back up again. Gues what? same thing. If i turn all my fans up high that are in my case, it says 57c idle, and a sickening 82c to 95c under load.
I have never seen anything like it, the stock pink gue that is on the core cant be better then AS3 can it? Or maybe the fan is not behaving like its supposed to? I cant play any games, within 1 min screen starts showing heavy tearing and artifacts, even if i set back default settings, still gets 90c I have no idea whats going on, any advice would be nice, thanks.
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