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Default Re: Official "I just got a Geforce GTX 470/480" thread

Originally Posted by Slytat View Post
Got my 2 this morning, heat is NOT an issue, at least not for me.

I ran it through the STALKER COP bench and Unigine and I hit 82c max (this is before I even bothered with the fan profiles).

One thing that is annoying is that whenever I get to the processor part of Vantage (CPU Test 1/AI Test) I get a win32k.sys BSOD. It's the only issue I've had so far.

I'm now running it at 70% fan through the profiles in Afterburner and I don't go over 78c in AoC. That's in over 30 mins of playing
Glad to hear other people experiencing the same things as I did.

I finally got around to putting that second 480 in and managed to run Heaven benchmark. Would have more stuff to post but I destroyed my middle finger on my right hand while pulling out the HD rack on my case, and I've been bleeding all over the place and just got it stopped.

Anyway, with just one 480 in my case the idle was between 42-44c. With two cards it's 45c and 41c. Heaven hit a top temp of 83c with the single card, with both I got temps of 85c and 81c both at 79% fan speed. Not too shabby for my cramped and badly wired case.

Here is my Heaven bench:

Typing is a bitch with one hand, but I'll post some more stuff later.
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