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Default Re: Official "I just got a Geforce GTX 470/480" thread

Originally Posted by brunner View Post
What about stuttering for other games (I don't play AOC)? Does 480 SLI feel smoother than 5870 crossfire? I'm just talking about your subjective feel so there's no need to run benchmarks.
I never had any stuttering on the 5870 CF and I dont see any on the 480s.

Another game that is way better on the 480 is Metro 2033. I liked it on Tri SLI 280s, I thought it was better on 5870 CF and 480 SLI is where it's at for this game. The 5870 CF setup slowed down alot when there was a lot going on. That doesn't happen with the 480 SLI. This may well be due to Physx but regardless, I think I'll play it again just for kicks
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