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Default Re: 2nd card still needed with 480 for Physx ?

Originally Posted by jlippo View Post
One of the reason for 480 to do so good in comparison is better state change handling between graphics and gpgpu.
280 most likely twidled it's thumbs for a while every time this happened, so physics had quite big impact in performance.
How are you guys drawing this conclusion? I'm getting much better results with a single 5870 + a 9800GT than the guy with the 480 +240.

Max @ 1920x1200, Physx-Max, 4XAA

Keep in mind 4X AA has much bigger impact on performance for ATI cards in this game.

I think the 240 is just so slow at Physx that it doesn't make much of a difference for the 480 GTX.
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