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thanks for the fast reply,

Yes in the past ive allways used Artic Silver, on my old gf3 and 4, and on all my cpu,s and chipsets ive had in the past. Exelent stuff!!
The pink gue that was on the core was indeed fairly thick, lets say a good 5 papers thick. But theres no need to put AS3 on that thick is it? as it will run on over the chip on to the pcb? they say AS3 dont run, but that thick ?
I ordered a Revoltec GPU fan for an fx. With AS5! Im thinking the fan on the fx now, is not functioning as it should. Ill slap on some more paste, but i dont think that that is the problem. Will never hurt to try. if that doesnt, im gonna put on the RevoltecFan.
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