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Default Re: GTA IV PC - Episodes from Liberty City and new patch details.

I don't know I think it runs much the same. Interestingly I have GTA 4 and now EPLC installed and they both use the same settings. Basically I went back to GTA 4 and it was using the same settings I changed to EPLC and then when I changed them in GTA 4 they came in EPLC. Of course the only ones they don't have is the shadows and nighttime shadows but that's because I didn't patch it yet.

The shadows look a lot better that is for sure and mostly it runs about the same if you ask me. Sometimes it runs better other times worse but overall much the same. EPLC says I'm using less video ram though so potential for better performance is there I guess.

Using the same save slots as GTA 4 is stupid though. I had to overwrite one of my GTA 4 saves. The bike racing is pretty fun, lets you hit guys with the baseball bat mid race. VICE CITY FM rocks. Playing lost and the damned and not really liking the main character, oh well.
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