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Originally posted by vampireuk
urgh I had a game today with the biggest lamers on the planet, around the allied airbase they would just run around and shoot each other on the same team. I took off in a plane and some moron from my team started shooting at me. I switch to the axis side and get attacked by the morons doing the same thing
I feel your pain, Those morons are everywhere, I just find somewhere else to play.
For instance, was playing yesterday, map was MIDWAY, theres a teammate standing on the flightdeck of the Allied carrier, I spawn right next to a plane and hop in, this jerk says its his plane and forces the plane to crash, i bail just before the plane expodes and another plane spawns, hes shooting at me, I still make to the plane first, hop in and he does the same thing causing the plane to crash, now no planes are spawning and hes yelling at me that those planes are his and I should spawn somewhere else,I just reply "Go tell your MOMMY" I wait there till a plane spawns and watch him get in, Now this guy in the meantime is telling everyone how good a pilot he is, only to crash the plane into the tower on the carrier, ROTFL.
So this "ACE" has cost the allied team 3 planes and also the carrier when he decided to become the captain and sailed the carrier right next to the Jap battleship,which was fully manned by the way. Then he says that the allied team are all N00bs and leaves.
Guess where I found this guy? give up? On a EA server, seems thats where most hang out since there is no admin around at all.

I try to a find a public server that has admins playin, they have no problem booting these types at all.
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