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Default Re: GeForce GTX 260M and mplayer+vdpau causes "xv" video output to corrupt

Originally Posted by danix View Post

We are also curious whether your system is affected by another bug that we are tracking, where PowerMizer doesn't enter higher performance levels on laptops with GeForce GTX 260M/280M. It was interesting to see in your last screenshot that PowerMizer kicked up to the highest performance level when using xv, but not with vdpau. Could you run some GLX programs (glxgears should suffice) and watch PowerMizer and tell us what is the highest performance level it enters?
Yes, I'm curious about that too, since I have a gtx260m that has never been anywhere near that level. I would even be willing to try the child-eating 195.36.08 driver if I could get my hands on it...
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