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Default Re: GTA IV PC - Episodes from Liberty City and new patch details.

Originally Posted by mailman2 View Post
None of the patches ever specifically mentioned fixing that, but yea I hear ya, someday I'll replay it.
Allright i have solution that will maybe work, it worked for me if its same problem...
I couldn't pass this point where you have to climb on heli on last mission, so i read it somwhere 2 months ago...
Anyway because its console port and its looked on 30 fps because of optimum playing, and with higher fps than 30 you must type spice a lot faster which human hand cant do, so if you have dual or quad core CPU's, you have to go to task menager and when you reach point when you have to climb on heli, go to task menager, right click on GTA exe and then to option set afinity, unmark all your cores, but leave 1, so fps in game will drop, but you should be able to climb on damn heli, when you climb on heli, go o task menager again and mark all your cores and and kill ****ing Pegorino...
It worked for me
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