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Originally Posted by brunner View Post
Can you post a pic please? I'd like to get some tips in preparation for my 480 SLI setup. Btw, thanks for pointing me in the proper direction although my wallet now hates you.
You're most welcome

With regards to the photo, I will have to do some cable management first, it's a bit of a mess at the moment

Best thing to do is just place the Spot fan at the back of the cards so that it is blowing air across the top and then have a 60mm or two extracting the air.

Obviously, a board that allows you to spread the 480s out across several slots is preferable although mine are side by side on this GA UD7 and the temps are absolutely fine.

Thing is, this hobby costs money but new hardware is so satisfying. It's one of the few things I get a kick out of these days. It's not about the money for me, it's about getting immersed in the game. I got totally lost in STALKER COP before, I missed 2 calls during an 'emission' because I had my headphones so loud
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