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Default Re: GTA IV PC - Episodes from Liberty City and new patch details.

I havn't gotten the expansion yet (can't quite throw out the $29 for it yet) but ive been playing the patched GTA4 and loving it. The shadows look alot better (although the old shadow method still seemes to be used as night) and I dunno, overall lighting seems better (but not perfect, popup lighting is still there). I am running at medium textures with ~70 on both distance and detail settings, the frame rate is prolly lower then what many speed freaks would consider acceptable.. prolly inbetween 20-30 fps.

As for the choppers..I actually enjoy flying them alot. I use the keyboard, WASD for on stick and 8462 for the second stick. I can pull off some slick moves once I get into the groove of things. It was impossible for me to fly with the mouse.
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