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Default Re: GTA IV PC - Episodes from Liberty City and new patch details.

Originally Posted by nutcrackr View Post
Couple of issues I have with The Lost and the Damned. Number 1 seems to be the AI following you, they seem a lot dumber than GTA 4. The cops got stuck like 5 times just going half way across the city and I'd have to double back around to get them out of it. Biker Friends also get stuck and warp behind you.

Shooting seems worse in TLAD, unless you get a headshot the enemies take far too many bullets to kill. The weapons have low clips and bullet damage is low. Even the damn grenade launcher does not kill the Angels of Death in one shot. These guys have too much health. What's worse is they just keep sending waves. They made the combat long and boring if you ask me. I just run up behind them and shotgun them because the cover / shoot mechanic is dull.
weapon damage in GTA IV is very low, and i was hating when i fill them with bulletholes, but they wont drop, or they just get up and i have to shoot them again, ****ing anoying, so last time i played GTA i went to weapons stats and double damage on all weapons
That way i took double damage from enemise, but i could also kill em with less bullets and add little reality in game.....
I will do that in EFLC if its that anoying
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