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Default 480 temps great on air with nice oc.

My card has not hit above 90c with fan forced at 70% (which isnt loud to me at all) running extreme burn on furmark. Keep in mind my core is running at 806 (default 701), shader at 1612 (Default 1400) and to my surprise is rock solid.

The memory doesnt like being pushed very far however. At 970 (default 925) Heaven Dx11 bench would hard lock and throw crap all over the screen. Mem at 945 + 806core and 1612 shader =rock solid and very, very fast.

The card rocks, the heat is a non issue and it overclocks f&^king awesome with no effort. My case is a wind tunnel with great airflow. Ambient temps on air coming in to the case are about 73.5f at the moment.

Next step, I7 at at least 4.0ghz. Dont know for sure if that q6600 in sig is holding me back too much.
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