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Default Re: 480 temps great on air with nice oc.

Originally Posted by brunner View Post
It's a bit surprising that that ram overclocked so little. Isn't the 480 already setting the memory speed at lower than it's rated for?

Yeah, that Q6600 is holding you back but it also depends on what games you're playing. When I switched to a I7 from a Q6600 that was similarly clocked as yours, I noticed that the framerate in many newer games became more stable. That was just with a pair of 280 GTXes so you should see even bigger results with a 480.
I have been hearing that if you have a q6600 at at least 3.6 that an I7 isnt going to net you a whole lot unless you go SLI. Then it is a must. Anyone else advise on this ?

Come to think of it, if my cpu was a bottleneck then I wouldnt see improvments across the board on GPU overclocking right ? I am seeing performance improvments from everything that I have tried when compared to stock clocks.

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