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Default Re: 480 temps great on air with nice oc.

Originally Posted by Kaguya View Post
Is this vendor-specific, or are they all like that?

Those with good temps, what brands do you have?
That was an Evga card, but so far all the ones I've seen pictures of have the same horrible paste job.

I have two PNY 480's. They idle at 44c and 41c @ 45% fan speed and so far I've only had one game hit 80 or above and that was Crysis which hit 83c and 81c @ 79%fan speed.

Originally Posted by sancheuz View Post
Okay, i followed the tutorial on evga forum and changed the tim to artic silver 5 just as tutorial. I have a Zotac 480. My temps are the same, lower 80's for idle (dual monitor) and lower to mid 90's for load with fans at ~89%. Turdhat is your room temp like at the freezing point or something?
Have you tried running just one monitor? Might give a better idea of how hot your card actually is. Dual monitors is fubar with these cards and if I were a multi-monitor person I wouldn't own one.
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