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Default Re: 480 temps great on air with nice oc.

Originally Posted by sancheuz View Post
Man I'm wondering if there is a difference between vendors.. my zotac is not performing well compared to other brands. Can I ask Bah what Bios version ur card shows?
Well, we can't really know it's not performing well because of your dual monitor setup. Your temps are going to be higher due to that so looking at our temps isn't going to help you much. Did you try with just one monitor and seeing what they look like then?

If your temps were that high with just one monitor I could definitely say something wasn't right, but everything I've seen about two monitors shows them much, much hotter than with one.

My bios on both cards, as reported by GPU-Z, is: 70.00.1A.00.02

Edit: Saw your single monitor temps...seems excessive. I posted my temps above and it's generally 72-75f in my home, most days closer to 72. I wouldn't think a couple degrees would make that big a difference, though.

What kind of case and cooling do you have?
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