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Default Re: Ordering a new card tomorrow...

Originally Posted by Blacklash View Post
As far as FC2 goes in the link I provided, I guess my question would be why is the 5870 only 6FPS behind the stock 470 in averages but 15 in mins?

I only mentioned the 5970 because I noticed the stock 470 equals its mins and passes them when OCed. The stock 5970 beats the stock 470 by 25FPS in averages and by 15 when the 470 is OCed. I was also surprised that was with 8xAA which is supposed to the 5800s strong point.

Yes, I know it's FC2 and it's not like the 5870 and 5970 are putting up poor averages. They are not.
This is because bar graphs don't capture an accurate recording of mins. You have no idea how many frames they saw at the minimum framerate that's recorded, whereas an average is taken over all the frames.

A bar graph will show a min of 21 fps and possibly mislead someone to believing much of the game plays that way when it's possible it happened for a split second then jumped back up to a minimum of 35-40fps the rest of the time.

Essentially, bar graphs are useless when looking at mins. A line graph shows a more accurate picture as it allows you to observe trending.

^ That's the kind of graph that you guys should be examining mins with. Anything else is useless.

And there's no way that a 470 should EVER have a higher minimum framerate than a 5970 as long as Crossfire is scaling properly and you're not maxing out the VRAM. And that's pretty difficult to do unless you're running highest settings and 8x MSAA. You should be running edge-detect instead as it doesn't use up as much VRAM.

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