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Default Re: Official "I just got a Geforce GTX 470/480" thread

Originally Posted by brunner View Post
Yeah, your experiences confirm exactly my own with the 5870s. They simply don't perform as smoothly as their numbers will lead one to believe. IMO, reviewers simply don't state this enough. I remember hearing the same things from some users with regards to the 4870s vs 280s. My hunch is that the ATI cards just don't have enough bandwidth once you start using 4xAA at 1920x1200 with graphically intensive games. If it's a framebuffer issue, the 2gb cards should have shown much bigger improvements than they did.
I have no idea what is up. 5870s have bandwidth.

Either memory interface size matters in some hidden way I don't understand with AA, or we are dealing with a driver issue. I have a hard time believing the extra 280 or so ram on the 470 is accounting for what I am seeing, and that's another possibility. It could be all three.

I returned one of my 5870s to ZZF for a refund, and sold the other. I will be dropping the remaining one in my alt rig. I'll likely pick up another 470 soon. I care about smooth FPS @ 1920x with AA, not "winning" a bench by 5FPS in averages. I like solid mins and steady FPS, I'll take 34/55 over 20/70 any day of the week. I'm more impressed with this OCed 470 than I thought I would be.

A neighbor of mine let me try 3d vision on his rig and I liked that a lot. There's a good chance I may do that too. I was always down on it and being skeptical, until he talked me into trying it.
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