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Default Re: Ordering a new card tomorrow...

Originally Posted by Blacklash View Post

The 5870 beats a 470 nicely in STALKER CoP without AA. Problem is I didn't buy these cards to run games with AA off.

I was running 4xAA with adaptive AA. My reported mins were 41 and yet I got hard hitch after hard hitch.

I recently pitted a single 5870 @ 1000|1275 vs a 470 @ 1483 shader 1850 memory with 4xAA and transparency enabled, then with transparency off and 4xAA only active @ 1920x1200 below. The results look remarkably similar and I'm telling you first hand the 470 was much smoother.

Without any kind of AA active I can't feel a difference between them in STALKER CoP.

Another thing I should note is the hard hitching is not there with 5870 Crossfire using AA and transparency AA if I drop res from 1920x1200 to 1440x900. I should also note I was using "box" set from the CCC not edge-detect.

In the end, I care about how smooth a game plays @ 1920x1200 with AA, not if I am getting 55FPS reported instead of 65.
From my own experience, I can say that my 480 SLI setup plays Metro far better than my 5870 CF setup, it is a very obvious difference.

I'm in the process of playing Metro through for the 3rd time. I played it on 280 Tri SLI and 5870 CF previously, the 480 SLI setup beats both of them, no contest.
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