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Default Re: GTX 480 fan is NOT LOUD! What's up with these reviewers?

All I can say is that the GTX 480 is not any louder than other high-performance cards I have owned. In fact, it is much quieter than my GTX 295. As far as temps go, it doesn't get over 90 degrees C even during intense gaming. Even the HD 5870 can get that high, and I'm sure the fan on that card is not exactly quiet!

I'm not saying the reviewers are wrong, I'm just stating my own experience with a GTX 480. It's a great card, and I have not read one post from an owner who was dissatisfied with it. It may not be more than 15% faster than the HD 5870, but that card is also going for over $400. The GTX 480 may be the better buy in the long run though as more and more games will be able to take advantage of DX 11 features like tesellation. Nvdia has a winner with this card. It's not a home run over ATI, but it's still a good card.
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