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Default Re: Ordering a new card tomorrow...

Is there an in-game AA option for Stalker COP? It's been a long time since I've played the game.

What I know is that ATI cards are really finicky about AA settings. I have seen hitching and screen-tearing if the AA isn't configured right in the CCC for the game you're playing. But I've never had a problem with "hitching" in any Crossfire setup that I have ever owned that wasn't easily resolved with a proper configuration of the CCC. This includes 4870 Crossfire and 4870X2 Quadfire setups. I say this honestly. Most of you guys know I have owned both NV and ATI and don't care about taking sides, and I'm not about to intentionally mislead people who come to me asking me of my experience with it to base their buying decision on.

Unfortunately, I've only been able to test my 5970s briefly on Crysis and Stalker COP as I'm still in the midst of my build and didn't notice any of this "hitching" that people are complaining about at 1920x in my brief testing. On Crysis I enabled 4xAA in-game like I always do and disabled CCC AA. On Stalker--I don't remember what I did as I can't remember if it had an in-game AA setting or not.

I can't help but think that many of you guys have something set wrong in the CCC that is causing this "hitching." I just haven't seen that be a problem with ATI either in single or multi-GPU modes when the CCC is configured properly, and I also haven't seen a single review out there on the web that brings it up.

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