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Default Re: GTX 480 fan is NOT LOUD! What's up with these reviewers?

Originally Posted by Maverickman View Post
I just got my Galaxy GTX 480 to replace my GTX 295. Yes, it's not that much of an upgrade, but I was surprised how quiet the GTX 480 is compared to my GTX 295. I could hear the GTX 295 humming along whan I was playing Just Cause 2 or Crysis Warhead, but I can hardly hear the GTX 480. What's more, the GTX 480's fan powers down right after gaming. The performance of the GTX 480 is astounding, easily surpassing the GTX 295 in all my games without the SLI hassles. You should definitely get one of these cards. I don't know why so many reviewers are biased against Nvida. Maybe they all read Semi-Accurate? Once the REAL word gets out on these cards, they'll be even tougher to find!
Same deal here. No heat issues, fan is not loud and a 100 mhz overclock on core with no tweaking other than forcing fan at 70% is very good. Looks as if these chips are capable of a lot more and that NV had to scale back due to the TDP standards.
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