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Default Re: GTX 480 fan is NOT LOUD! What's up with these reviewers?

Originally Posted by Blacklash View Post
My 470 stock idle in a closed SilverStone case with all system fans on low.

I tried 2 hours of Crysis all VH @ 1920x1200 stock last night to establish a baseline for temps. In a closed case with system fans on low and the GPU fan @ auto I hit 85C. The fan went up to 53%. Tonight I am going to run my OC with 65% fan speed set manually and see what happens. This weekend the stock TIM is going to be replaced with Shin-etsu. Usually the factory applies too much and uses a rather standard grade.

The GTX 470s fan is loud at high levels and I haven't had use it @ that level yet.
Please keep us posted on what you find wrt your fans and temps.

I understand the point of the auto fan, but I much prefer to find a good 'reasonable' manual setting. On auto, the GPU gets the chance to get really hot, and then the fan has to work extra hard to cool it back down - if you have the fan set at a decent click from the get go, it will go up more slowly and even stay cooler.

I find that my 260s stay much cooler with my fan locked at 50% even with a moderate overclock. Plus 50% fan is very tolerable hearing-wise. I do have a manual hotkey trigger to flip to 75% on hot days, and that is noticeably loud.

I'm still heavily leaning toward a pair of 470s, but can't find any EVGAs in stock. There are a couple MSIs, though - perhaps I should jump vendors? I've heard good things about MSI's answer to Precision.
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