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Default 195.36.15 + kernel 2.6.32 + dual cards crash (Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx)


A few days ago I updated my PCs to try (k)ubuntu Lucid Lynx (10.04) beta2 - the installation (clean on a reformatted partition) went all right until I installed the nvidia 195.36.15 driver (using the nvidia-current ubuntu package). After reboot the system would completely crash around the time X should start - the system is then totally unresponsive, and I cannot see anything in the logs.

The PC has two nVidia cards, one 9600GT with two screens attached, and one GTX295 for CUDA computing only. After searching a bit, I found out that removing one card allowed to boot without any problem. The kernel used is 2.6.32-21-{generic|server}, with the amd64 architecture.

Following a previous thread (, I tried recompiling the 2.6.32-21 kernel after disabling the VGA Arbiter, but apparently simply setting CONFIG_VGA_ARB=n does not work, it's enabled automagically during compilationdue to some kernel dependency (?) - in fact it's not visible during make {x|menu}config.

Finally I found a slightly older (2.6.31-21) ubuntu kernel, which works perfectly fine with both cards and the nvidia-current/195.36.15 nVidia kernel - CUDA (3.0) is back to normal as well.

So it seems some change between 2.6.31 and 2.6.32 is having some very bad side effect with dual nVidia cards. Here is the relevant bug in launchpad:

Here are other threads that seem to be relevant:

I am not on the problematic PC at the moment, I can give more log report tomorrow.
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