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Post WeeklyTube Issue 32: PhysX video overview

BSG Viper Test in Unity3d/PhysX by imjinc2k

Colonial Viper fighter from Battlestar Galactica. Realistic space flight simulation with maneuvering thrusters.

rayfire tool by QbickSan

Nice and clean destruction sim using RayFire Tool and PhysX solver.

Cellfactor Revolution PhysX Demonstration by MCFiete

Cellfactor: Revolution ' half-baked and thus failed killer-app for Ageia PPU. Today you can even play it fine on fast CPU.

Hybrid physx ON in metro2033 @level 'Frontline' by tripkj

Another video from Metro 2033, running on Hybrid system (HD5850 + 8600GT) with Advanced PhysX effects. Same level, but without help of dedicated PhysX GPU and, thus, degraded performance ' here

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