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Default Potential Login Fix (If you can't login, TRY THIS)

I googled the issue and it seems to be a redirect issue with vbulletin. The thread I found is here:

This problem occurs when you don't redirect to

Your actual site is located at but there are people who will not use the www. and simply enter the domain. When they enter their login details, it looks as if they are loggin in but they are redirected to the wrong domain so it kicks them back out again.

Option 1:
Do a 301 redirect from to

Option 2:
AdminCP > vBulletin Options > General Options > Post Referrer Whitelist
Add to the box and save.
So I tried logging in to instead of and it worked. Try it and let me know if it works for all of you.

If so then a simple redirect from MikeC will fix it for good

If not... then it's back to the drawing board...
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