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Default Re: GTX 480 fan is NOT LOUD! What's up with these reviewers?

Originally Posted by Madpistol View Post
This is why reviewers and some people say that these cards run hot. Compare a GTX 480 with 2 monitors to the temps on an HD 5870 with 2 monitors. The difference is night and day. My 5870, which is currently driving 2 monitors, both at 1920x1200, idles at 51c, which a GTX 480 idles at around 80c. At 59%, the fan on the GTX 480 is audible. The only way it's not is if the case has a think coat of sound deadening material around it. Most people don't go the extra mile to do such things.

Different strokes for different folks. Some people say it runs cool as can be, while others say it runs hot. I don't think we're ever going to reach a consensus as to how it really runs.
Bottom line for me... I love the performance on the card.. I upgraded from a 8800 GTX so you can inmagine how nice it's for me to run crysis full blast with not so much as a hiccup.. but I totally hate hearing my card all day (I freelance in my PC from home) given it IS audible at ~60%, not even mentioning how much it heats up my room. So for anyone with dual monitors considering getting this card, only do so if you are prepared to deal with extra noise/heat in ur room, otherwise u might regret it. Me, I'm just hoping that NVidia somehow manages to clock this beast down alot more for dual monitors, hopefully dropping temps down with it....but that is just wishful thinking.

P.S. In my line of work (architectural illustrator) dual monitors is necessary
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