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Default Re: Official "I just got a Geforce GTX 470/480" thread

Originally Posted by mailman2 View Post
SLI is a moot point for me. I've done it a few times and its been nothing but trouble and micro sssssttuttterrr... only Single GPUs for me from here on out.

and....why would you trust canadians?? Oh cause they gave you the result you wanted to see...

Things really equal out between the GeForce GTX 470 and Radeon HD 5850. We were able to play at 2560x1600 with 8X MSAA on both video cards, no fancy Supersampling AA at this resolution. In this "apples-to-apples" highest gameplay setting scenario, the Radeon HD 5850 is edging out with slightly faster framerates.

HD5850 edges out the 470 GTX in DiRT 2. The GTX 470 doesn't easily beat the 5850.

Starting from the bottom up, we would say the least relevant video card is the GeForce GTX 470. In all our gameplay testing today, not once did the GeForce GTX 470 provide a superior gameplay experience compared to the Radeon HD 5850, even in Metro 2033. In fact, performance was very close between both video cards, and in some cases the Radeon HD 5850 proved to provide faster framerates. Looking strictly at performance, these video cards are equal.

My GPUs are always water cooled so the stock fan noise is also a moot point.
SLI might be moot for you but not for me and for many other's. Just because you don't want to acknowledge it doesn't mean it's irrevelant. I have on occasion experienced some micro stutter over the years in certain games but hardly what alot of people claim it to be. This might be a hardware configuration issue since over the years it seems no general consensus has be come too from what I remember.

Why trust canadians? Are they known to be unreliable or untrust worthy? Do they have a reason to lie? Are they on nvidia's payroll or what? The better question is why wouldn't I trust them. LOL you think I picked them because they gave me the results I wanted? Seriously dude? I could care less in all honesty I just don't care for exaggerated bul**** is all which is why I even responded to your post. They and I believe hexus are the only sites that have run 470 sli reviews. That's why I picked canadians. I'll have to look around some more. As far as Kyle's review over at H. Heh I am a long time regular poster over there and I love their forums and what not but that doesn't mean his word is gospel. Especially when it comes to nvidia the last year or so.

Your also comparing cards with very very mature 6 month old drivers to new architecture and brand new drivers. So there are some annamolies in some of the tests which just don't jive. You can clearly see in some tests in certain games how the scaling is and how some frames drop off for no apparent reason. Whatever but the bottom line is 470 and 470 sli are real contenders and not the afterthought you TRIED to make it sound like. get your facts straight before you speak next time.
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