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Default Re: RedHat 9 + Shuttle SN41G2 - Network Config

[quote]Originally posted by kummell
new to Linux, I'm trying to build up a machine I can learn on. It's been a frustrating time so far!

Stick with it, it will be a rewarding experience!

I'm installing on a Shuttle XPC SN41G2 which runs an nForce2 chipset. I've installed RH9 and it's up and running with the exception of the network card.

I've downloaded the RPM from nvidia's site for Red Hat 9. (2.4.20_6)
burned it onto a CD.

I've got your same hardware. It's a nice little system, isn't it? I think your problem might be the driver rpm you are using. Unless you have already upgraded your kernel to the athlon-optimized kernel provided by redhat, you have the wrong one.
>>$rpm -i NVIDIA_nforce-1.0-0261.rh90up_2.4.20_6.athlon.rpm
I did the same thing, though. There is an rpm for the stock redhat 9.0 kernel on the nvidia site, if you check the output of uname -r you should be able to figure out which one you need for your kernel. What I really would suggest is downloading the tar.gz source file, so you can rebuild it for a new kernel if you upgrade, which is my next suggestion. I am running kernel 2.4.22-6.ll.rh90, optimized for athlon and packaged as an rpm by stanford university, with kernel preemption and low-latency patches applied. Get it at if you want, just make sure you grab the kernel sources as well. I needed that version to support my digital camera, but the patches that make the system more responsive were a good reason, too.

Everything should work right away after you install the correct nvidia driver rpm for your kernel and reboot. If you want help upgrading your kernel or getting anything else working just ask, I have just about everything working on my box, and it wasn't very hard.
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