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Default Re: No "Overscan compensation" option in nvidia-settings

Originally Posted by BetterSense View Post
I'm running a fresh Karmic install. Installed the proprietary driver through Ubuntu, then later installed the latest Nvidia driver using the Nvidia installer. I have an 8400GS graphics card, hooked up via DVI to a Sony HS420 TV. Overscan is severe and I can't read my subtitles.

Others have told me that nvidia-settings is supposed to have a slider for overscan compensation, but mine does not. I have run apt-get install --reinstall nvidia-settings, but the slider is still not there.

Any ideas?
Check the settings in the TV itself. My TV (philips 47"), has an option for "PC" mode on the HDMI ports. If I set it to "PC" mode, there is no overscan at all, and it works like a regular flat panel monitor for a computer.
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