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Default Samsung 2233RZ only display at 60Hz


I've been testing the Samsung 2233RZ on multiple computers and I get mixed results.

All of those tests were done on CentOS5.2 with different versions of the NVIDIA driver (namely: 173.14.12, 185.18.14 and 195.36.15), all with the same results.

Note: I am using the same xorg.conf (attached) on all the following computers.

First, using computers with Quadro FX3700 and Quadro FX3800, I cannot get LCD to display at 120Hz. In the log (attached) you see that the card is selecting the 120Hz mode, but when I look on the screen information panel, it says 60Hz.

Second, using computers with Quadro FX4000 and Quadro FX3500, the lcd is working at 120Hz, but I cannot use my eDimensional glasses to display 3D. It looks like the sync is wrong. I found on the web a comment saying that the Samsung 2233RZ will only display 3D using the NVIDIA 3D kit, so this might be a non-issue.

My main goal is to use the Samsung 2233RZ to see 3D content on computers with Quadro FX3700. If I was able to make it work at 120Hz, then I could consider using the NVIDIA 3D kit.

Any idea why I cannot display at 120Hz using the Quadro FX3700?

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