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Default Re: Official "I just got a Geforce GTX 470/480" thread

So I decided to go ahead with installing my 1st 480 GTX. I was kinda surprised by how light it felt. I expected it to be a monster with its rep as a power drawing machine. In preparation for the 480 SLI setup, I also upgraded a couple of the case fans with better quality Scythe ones. With auto-fan, the 480 is impressively quiet but the heat is insanely higher than my 5870s. Even with crossfire on, the 5870 was only 40C at idle after several hours of use. Upon bootup, the 480 is already at 60C with 40% fan. My 5870 also used around 40% fan at idle. The 480 fan is a bit quieter though. Its 80% is about 70% for the 5870.

I've also put the 9800 GT right under the 480 for some testing with Physx and also see how hot the 480 will get with one card right next to it.
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