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Default Re: GTA IV PC - Episodes from Liberty City and new patch details.

I'm getting a bit tired of all the prompts and clicks to get into the game now... Before I just had one to start GTA IV and then I'd wait for the social club to load (if it wasn't already) and the intro. Now I have to click to start the game, click offline on the social club prompt since they no longer accept accounts with a "+" sign in the email address or something, click ok on the "you can't do anything online in offline mode" notice that comes up every damn time you select offline mode, select GTA IV at the game selection, blah blah blah. Anyone know if there's some offline mode switch I can use to bypass all this junk and/or maybe one to select the game at the GTA IV | Episodes selection screen? I don't even have Episodes from Liberty City. Why do I need a selection for that? Grr.

Performance doesn't seem any better for me... It's hard to say if it's any different, but I don't remember quite as many slowdowns the first time I played the game. I also seem to get way more of those generic undetailed area views, featureless maps that take a second to render. I only remember 2 from my first time, one was in the apartment near the car dealer and Alex Chilton's place (not Playboy's) and I think the other was on a bridge to Roman's second apartment. Now I get 'em all over the place and they'll sometimes cycle through twice in a row, it's really distracting.
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