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Default Re: Official "I just got a Geforce GTX 470/480" thread

Originally Posted by mailman2 View Post
Im not at all interested in SLI. Play GTA and Metro with the single 480 and report back, I'm interested in more HD5870 vs GTX 480 thoughts from a regular user than from a reviewer. On the fence about moving to a GTX 480 from OC'd HD5870.
Firstly, I think an OC'd 5870 is hardly different from a regular 5870. You might as well drop it back to stock to keep the fan noise down. I've OCed mine 5870s to 970/1300 and results were almost exactly the same as 850/1200.

Whether the 480 will be worth the upgrade depends on how you game. The 480 really shows its power when you up the image quality. For example, RE5 was almost 60fps constantly with 8XAA + TR supersampling on two 5870s. 1 480 GTX almost matches that performance when the IQ is that high. However, if you're just using regular 4XAA with adaptive multisampling or no transparency AA @ 1920x1200, then the difference is really hard to spot in game.

In terms of Metro, the 480 probably offers a better experience than a single 5870. At 1920x1200, AAA, DX11 max, Tessellation on, DOF off, the 480 has just a slightly lower minimum framerate than the 2 5870s. The average is quite a bit less though. So overall, I'd say that the above setting is still a little too high for a single 480.

For GTA4, the 480 wins simply because I can push all the sliders to the right. On the 5870, I have to bump the shadows down a notch from the max if I'm using Max textures. View distance also has to drop to 80%. However, framerate is basically the same for both cards at 1920x1200. Although the settings on the 480 supposedly use about 200 MB of ram more, the difference is really negligible in game. It does feel a little smoother though on the 480.

Originally Posted by Blacklash View Post
Definitely replace your thermal paste. Both my cards looked like someone used half a tube on each. Waaaay too much.
I don't want to hassle with TIM replacement but maybe I have no choice. @75% fan, it's up to 100c after less than 10 mins in Metro.
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