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Originally Posted by Maverick123w View Post
The 1 and only issue I'm currently having, is that when I have the AMD AHCI driver installed, the intel toolbox no longer works. I have to uninstall the ahci drivers to run the toolbox, so I'm not positive if trim is running or not... (is there a way to check this?)
Indeed there is. Open an administrative console, then type this:

fsutil behavior query disabledeletenotify
If the reply is DisableDeleteNotify = 0, then TRIM support is enabled. If the reply is DisableDeleteNotify 1, then TRIM support is not functioning.

TRIM support is very important for an SSD, and TRIM requires AHCI mode in order to function, therefore you should enable AHCI. You probably won't notice a performance increase from a fresh install (although YMMV) however it will improve the lifespan of your SSD by reducing the number of writes necessary for regular file move/delete operations, and it will prevent performance degredation over time.

If you installed windows 7 without AHCI enabled, then you'll need to do this before enabling it (otherwise you'll BSOD) :

After following those steps when you reboot TRIM support should automatically turn on.

And speak of performance, in case anybody is thinking about it, DO NOT DEFRAGMENT SSD DRIVES. It puts unnecessary wear on the drive and it doesn't offer any performance benefit whatsoever. NAND chips can only be written to so many times before they're no good. Fortunately that number is very large, but still, no need to wear it out sooner rather than later. Defragmenting is obsolete.
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