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Default Re: Official "I just got a Geforce GTX 470/480" thread

Originally Posted by Blacklash View Post
I'm baffled why nVidia didn't put the shark gill style intakes on the side of their 470s like they did with the 260s. That helps a lot when the cards are used on top of one another.

If I owned 480 SLi I'd probably water cool and swing @ 850 on the core.
I'm running 480 SLI on air. I don't have any heat issues whatsoever. I was really worried up until the time that I actually tested them that I'd have to send them back.

I've yet to see them break 80c using fan profiles. In fact, they run significantly cooler than my Tri SLI 280 setup did. My 5870 CF ran cooler and with no need for profiles but I'm very happy with the 480 SLI setup (especially in DX11 titles). In games like Metro 2033, I can immediately tell the difference.
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