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Default Re: Official "I just got a Geforce GTX 470/480" thread

Seems like its been a real crapshoot with these temps. I probably have everything going against me in terms on how my heating situation should be. My SLI GTX 480s cards are right up against each other because of the setup of my PCI-e x16 slots on my mobo. I'm also running dual monitors (technically triple but 3D Vision Surround isn't out yet so on of my monitors just sits there, unloved ) Yet my idle temps are 50-55C on my first card and 35-40C on my second card. This is with the fans on 80%, which is about the same loudness as my GTX 280s at 100%. FurMark pwns my setup and brings the temps on my first card up to 97C and my second to 77C. I rarely see my first card go over 80C during regular gaming sessions though, and I'm thinking if my mobo didn't force my first card to sodomize my second, temps would be much lower. This is also with the 480s OCed to 800/2000.
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