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Default Linux + nForce 750i + RAID10 problems


I bought a XFX MB750I72P9 mother board as an upgrade to my little server:

... and ever since I've been having problems. Every now and then the machine becomes inaccessible yet still pingable. If an SSH session is open I am able to execute few things that I have executed before (cached?).

There is nothing in the logs at all. I've been leaving an SSH session open with top and iostat commands running. Based on the output it looks like there is a high load of 15+ even through there is no CPU load. There is no hard drive activity (reading/writting) yet the iowait is at 99%.

Now, I have four 1TB drives in RAID 10 using dmraid. I used it before without any problems on other motherboards. So what the heck is going on? I looked at few things and there are no errors suggesting a problem yet the system is not accessible.

I think there is a problem the the RAID. Because after a reboot the file systems are damaged and need repair. When I execute "dmraid -s -s" everything shows up in "OK" status. Could this be a controller issue? SATA is flipped to RAID mode in BIOS. Anyone?
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