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Post JX3: PhysX and CUDA benchmark

New benchmark for chinese MMORPG JX3 (Jianxia 3 ' we've wrote about GPU PhysX support previously) has emerged silently on Nvidia website. As far as we know, it was firstly shown at recent NGF 2010 event.

Benchmark includes two sequences ' first one, Lighting & PhysX benchmark.

Scene starts with lighting capabilities demonstration ' dynamic shadows, god rays, day & night cycle..

.. and is followed by fighting scene, echanced with several PhysX effects.. cloth banners, clothing simulation, and particles affected by characters movement.

Looking nice, but nothing particularly impressing, and those 'lighting' part prevents GPU PhysX performance from being measured properly.

Second part of the benchmark is called CUDA Accelerated Animation.

Large group of characters, dancing (or something) in front of the camera, is spawned. Enabling 'CUDA Hardware Acceleration' option boosts fps by 2x times.

Sum: just another way to test your GPU PhysX or Hybrid PhysX setup.

You can download JX3 PhysX & CUDA benchmark here (351 mb)

Thanks to Stefan for the link.

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