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Default Re: Ordering a new card tomorrow...

Originally Posted by Heinz68 View Post
Thanks for the reply.
I still don't believe there is a need to run 2 MSAA settings at the same time specially if there is such big performance hit. Did Google few benches and don't see other people using such.

Here is PCGH Stalker: Call of Pripyat - Benchmarks from DirectX 9 to DirectX 11
I'm sure they didn't run the DX10.1 & DX11 settings at the same time, since they show DX11 run faster.

Here from the picture gallery the image quality is better with DX11.

There is also long video included in the PCGH review and I don't notice any pauses there. PCGH is very much more than friendly NVIDIA site and if there was any problem they would show it fast.

Thanks for the download link for the bench but I already did run the bench in December last year and posted it here.

I did run both DX10 and DX11 (not at the same time) and the DX11 was slightly faster. No problem with the minimum frames and both benches did run smooth.
The PCGH link you provided shows them testing the 5870 and no form of ATi MGPU.

Your personal link says you tried medium settings. I tried the bench @ Ultra with all maxed; 4x MSAA, 10.1 MSAA for A-tested objects, HBAO SSAO, Ultra CS version SSAO, Tessellation and Contact hardening shadows. I did try the bench with the same quality setting as I just detailed without transparency AA and only on the DX11 path. So it was Ultra max quality 4x AA DX11 no 10.1 active @ 1920x. I encountered the same hard pausing and not quite as much. I did test both stock and overclocked with the CCC at default driver installation values.

For me, it vanished with maxed Ultra settings by; dropping res to 1440x, or dropping AA completely @ 1920x. 4x AA Ultra DX11 settings maxed @ 1920x is smoother than with transparency AA stacked on top, and I still encountered too much frequent pausing like that.

I think this has been discussed enough. You did not get frequent hard pausing with the quality settings you noted and I did to varying degrees in certain instances depending on the settings selected as detailed. I've said repeatedly it did not happen in every STALKER CoP bench I tried, only as qualified.
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