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Default Re: nvidia driver very unstable on gtx260m

Used gdb from other machine as described in:

This is the displayed error:
Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
0x00007f000040213c in _nv001626X () from /usr/lib4/xorg/modules/updates//drivers/

As far as I know, that does not provide much info... except you have the source code or the debug info of and know which function is the _nv001626X.

I had also noticed that playing with the stealth button do sometimes help. For me, it looks like I have to push it and restart and keep doing that until the lap stop crashing. But I'm still looking for a pattern.

I could work without Xorg crashing for more than a month or two (bad memory in brain), until I accidentally started my comp from battery. That's when the crashing started again.

Hope this help to fix this annoying bug.

Take care.

P.S.: Sorry for bad english.

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