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Default Re: Ordering a new card tomorrow...

Originally Posted by Heinz68 View Post
I know PCGH was done with one HD 5870 but even with the low minimum FPS the video looked smooth without any pauses or hard pauses as you described in your experience.

When I run my benchmarks I also had the PRAPS on and the minimum frames did show couple seconds at the begging of each run after that the frames were very close within the average FPS.

Now if you re trying to say PCGH didn't experience the problem since they didn't use any "form of ATi MGPU" and you did. Why if you had all this problems with ATi MGPU you bought the third card, like that would fix the problem.
Low min FPS doesn't absolutely mean a bench is going stop for a full count of one or more frequently. It might mean the game feels slower in some instances. I'm not talking about slow downs on a single GPU. I'm talking about hard pauses using MGPU with certain quality settings and at a certain res in STALKER CoP.

Yes, I am saying the problem I encountered was MGPU specific @ certain res or higher using certain quality settings. It's foolish to assert a game will always be smooth on MGPU because it appears to be on a single GPU. There are titles that do not play nicely with AFR.

As far as my purchasing decisions go. I went from one GPU to three. I did not buy two then a third. I had one then bought two more. If I'm unhappy with a hardware purchase I try to rectify the situation. If nothing I try improves it to an acceptable level I RMA it or sell it and move on. I'm not interested in defending my purchase or any company.

I don't know how I can be any more clear than I have. I'm talking about hard pauses I encountered in the STALKER CoP bench using MGPU at a certain res, filtering level and with maxed Ultra details. Different settings and configurations are meaningless because the problem did not manifest then.

I've detailed the res, filtering and quality level I used. I find it odd that the whole thing could be resolved by decreasing resolution and keeping the settings I mentioned or simply killing AA @ 1920x.

According to your own post you linked, you did not run the detail settings I outlined, but selected medium instead. I've detailed the settings that manifested it for me repeatedly. I've also said many times I only encountered the problem with those specific settings @ a certain res.

As far as reviewers go, I haven't seen reviewers report the massive slow downs to 12-15FPS that occur for no reason on the Assault Harbor level in Crysis near and around the ship at the harbor using ATi MGPU either. Many people know this exists and have reported it. When I mentioned it at Rage I got this reply.

It's unfortunate you want to dismiss my experience and that doesn't mean it didn't happen. I've been extraordinarily clear about the specifics, and said it did not happen in all cases.

If you want to discuss this further take it to PM.
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