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Send a message via AIM to troc

ditto what capstone737 said. I sent them an email aswell. I never got anything out of it. I didn't even get an automated confirmation that it was recieved, or a reference number.

Ever since I bought my GF2MX, I have had lockup probs, don't matter if I have stock kernels or custom ones whcih the support only the hardware that I use. APM, ACPI, hi-mem, APIC and the framebuffer extensions have all been included or excluded at one point or antoher. In most recent kernels 2.4.18 - 2.4.22 they all lock up one way or another when nvidia (mx and gf2 ultra) and opengl meet. If it aint a system lockup, then it is a keyboard lockup. And if it aint that then it is a mouse and keyboard lockup.

I work in *nix, I like it, and nvidia +2d is stable.

I like to play games too. But its getting to the point where the games are getting so intense that a lockup or frozen kb + mouse is just too much to handle.

Also I miss my beautifull *nix screensavers. (yah yah yah I know get rid of the opengl ones.).

Why should I upgrade to another nvidia card when my 3d accelerated experience has been so poor ?
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