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Default Re: Battle of the Giants: 5970 CrossfireX vs. 480 Tri-SLI

Originally Posted by Muppet View Post
That is totally ridiculous running the i7920 at only 3.4. All of those multi GPU setups would be so CPU limited its not funny. The might as well have run those benchmarks on a Core 2 Duo.
Nah, it's not that bad. i7 scales much better with multi-GPU than the Core 2s do.

They should've OC'd it more, though, without a doubt. I don't understand why they didn't. They did say that they ran one game w/ the chip OC'd to 4.4GHz and didn't see much gain, but that was just one title. Could've been different on the others which is one reason I think Quadfire didn't come out ahead in most of the benches. Takes more CPU power than any of the rest.

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