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Default cannot start from onboard gpu anymore


I use a triple-head setup with a onboard NVIDIA-6150 and a dualhead PCI-E NVIDIA-7600.
It worked fine on Ubuntu-Karmic (except for the awful xinerama-performance).

Now after updating to the latest Xorg and Nvidia-drivers in Ubuntu Lucid, i cannot boot from the onboard GPU anymore.
When i now boot with the onboard GPU as primary device (configured in BIOS) the computer will freeze as soon as Ubuntu switches over to X.
When i boot with the PCI-E as primary card it will still work fine but the onboard gpu will not be detected (which is normal) and so i can only use 2 Screens.

I used to be able to boot off the integrated card fine, but not anymore. It now freezes as soon as X starts.

Could this possibly be a issue with the NVidia driver?
I tried both what Ubuntu calls nvidia-current and the download from the nvidia-site (i think they are the same).
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